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Slice of Life / Tragicomedy

Appropriate for Teen readers and up.

Sunshine Boy is a slice of life story about the difficulties of parenthood, as well as self-esteem, self acceptance, and how relationships grow and change over time. A lot of events present in the story are based around the author's childhood and how they grew up.

Anna, Kurt, and their child, Kelly, move into a new home, primarily to start a new chapter of their lives as they struggle with finding their footing as independent adults and parents. Luckily for them, and for the soft spoken Kelly, an outgoing boy named Grey lives next door–and he immediately takes Kelly under his wing, starting a relationship that will grow, stumble and flourish for years.

Even though Kelly is about to learn that the world isn’t always a kind place, he has his family, Grey, and a motley crew of friends and neighbors behind him…and they know he’ll be strong enough to become the adult he was meant to be.

☀️Content warning:☀️ Bullying, drug use/mention, racism, body shaming & emotional stress, strong language/swearing.

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☀️Daybreak on Webtoons

Story Progress

☀️FOR OLD READERS: You may notice some changes in the dialogue and that some pages were added or removed from the archive. Some scenes have been revised to be less upsetting and more cohesive for new readers. 

☀️FOR NEW READERS: Thank you for taking the time to read my story! You can start here, follow the cast here and also enjoy the more loose side story of Daybreak here.

☀️STORY TIMELINE: Sunshine Boy is designed to be a slow paced slice of life story with dramatic and comedic elements, with the main focus being the emotions of the characters, their relationships, and the impact that small and large decisions can have on a life. To explore the themes and the characters, the comic is divided in 4 periods that correspond to the ages of Kelly and Grey. Each period is split into several chapters. I’ve included a progress bar below so readers can follow the progression of the story through the chapters and timeskip structure.

STORY CURRENTLY IN: Chapter 11, in the “Childhood” period of the story. The leads, Kelly and Grey, are currently 10-11 years old.

☀️About Daybreak☀️ READ HERE

Daybreak is a side story to Sunshine Boy posted exclusively to Webtoons. There is no linear story, the comic is composed of shenanigans between two wholesome goofs crushing on each other. Marcus & Cog are the leads of Daybreak. Some of you will recognize Marcus as Grey's reliable older godbrother. Cog is a would-be actor easily overwhelmed by minimal flirting.


You can call me Moo or Lee. I currently live in Canada. I love cats and children of course! I used to work with kids and babysat throughout middle school and high school. I am the youngest with 2 older brothers raised by a single mom.

What are the main character's pronouns?

Pronouns are on the cast page! Kelly goes by he/him but will switch to he/they as they get older.

What's the setting (time and/or place) of Sunshine Boy?

The time era is set in the 21st century. All places are made up specifically for the SB-verse.

Lynford = Anna's hometown where Kelly grew up.

Oloburn = Where the main characters currently live.

What are the main character's sexuality and/or identity?

Kelly: Demi-boy / Pansexual

Grey: Cis / Gay

Marcus: Transman / Bisexual

What made you want to write about SB?

I've had an eventful childhood and kept a journal of things that happened in my life. So a lot of the story is very personal

to the people I've met and the things I've learned.

What was your inspiration to designing the characters?

My favorite manga is Detective Conan, some of my characters look similar to them in a way. My favorite

social media artist is my good friend Dyemelikeasunset on Instagram.